Mount St. Mary Academy

Welcome from the President/CEO

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On behalf of our Mount St. Mary community, we welcome you to learn more about what makes us an extraordinary school.


First and foremost are our values. We want every girl who enrolls to “elevate her expectations” and graduate as a young woman who loves learning, delights in life, and is characterized by wisdom, compassion and integrity. We hear over and over that you can recognize a Mount graduate by her confident manner and critical thinking skills. While that is imperative, every girl also has a unique set of gifts, and we are dedicated to helping each one further explore and develop those gifts for remarkable, lifelong use. Writers, dancers, mothers, healthcare professionals, business owners, politicians, engineers, realtors, artists, non-profit executives, actresses, spiritual leaders – Mount graduates exemplify personal and professional accomplishments.


The four years dedicated to high school are a crucial time in the lives of American young people, a time when individuals self-identify at the same time peer friendships are so influential. Students in high school learn habits and develop outlooks that set the stage for college performance and life beyond. What better place than Mount St. Mary Academy – a school immersed in Catholic values, respect for individuals and tolerance for mistakes – to nurture character development.


Our current students when asked to describe what make us an extraordinary place immediately think of their caring teachers, who have the interest and take the time to ask and listen to them. Students say that teachers recognize when they are struggling and gladly reach out to offer support. Additionally, faculty show a passion for and depth in their subject matters that challenge students to learn why.


Our curriculum is broad – with many choices as a student advances. Co-curricular activities abound. Fun is encouraged; sisterhood thrives. Are you interested in athletics, spirit, creative writing, mock trial, investment club, green club, trap shooting, yearbook, JROTC, or one of the many other clubs/organizations? There is so much to consider that develops body and mind.


Importantly, our students flourish in an all-girl environment. While boys are just down the road and involved in many outside activities, they have their own unique school. Girls develop leadership skills, express opinions, take charge and enjoy being themselves without fearing what the boys will say.


Since 1851, Mount St. Mary Academy has educated young women to be the best they can. Take a look around you at our community and notice the many alumnae who can’t imagine having gone elsewhere. Then, come take a look at Mount for yourself. We hope to see you soon!


With warm greetings,

Karen Flake


Mount St. Mary Academy Board of Directors 2018-2019

  • Chad Aduddell
  • Deborah Baldwin
  • Phillip B. Gillam
  • Shanti Halter
  • Greg Hartz, Chair
  • Sr. Jackie Howard, RSM
  • Sr. Donald Mary Lynch ‘61, RSM
  • Joy Lowe Matlock ’92
  • Anne Mines ’82
  • Sr. Miriam Nolan, RSM
  • Edward Oglesby
  • Karen Lienhart Oxner ’79
  • Fr. Erik Pohlmeier
  • Brian Rosenthal
  • Kelli Sanders
  • Susan Smith
  • Paul Strack
  • Susie Whitacre