Mount St. Mary Academy
Guidance and College Counseling

Counseling Department Philosophy

The School Counselors are committed to facilitating academic, emotional and personal growth in every student at Mount St. Mary Academy. This is accomplished through individual and group counseling for various personal issues, classroom presentations, college and career counseling, and college and financial aid information for families.

The Counseling Department believes that all students have a right to and need of counseling services during their high school years.  To that end, the counselors strive to deliver a comprehensive Counseling program that is proactive rather than reactive in nature.  


Counseling MISSION

To further the mission statement of Mount St. Mary Academy, the Counseling Department works to provide the environment that maximizes the spiritual, intellectual, and personal growth of the young women at MSM on both a group level and individual level.  It is our privilege to make the school’s mission real in the life of students on a personal level.


Counseling GOALS

Students will experience the Counseling curriculum in the classroom so that all students may benefit.

Students will grow in the knowledge of self and others in order to understand effective patterns of behavior and/or change patterns of behavior as necessary.

Students will learn to strategize steps for academic success and identify academic and career goals that will take them beyond high school.

Students will be able to integrate knowledge of self and others in the context of their personal relationship with God.  



There is a specific Counseling curriculum for each grade level that will be delivered through the classroom so that all students may benefit.  

All students will be seen individually by personal request and on requests from other students, teachers, and/or parents and on the initiative of the counselors.

Students with academic problems will be seen individually so that a plan for success can be developed.


Counselors will spend time with the students in informal settings in order to get to know the students and create a comfortable and welcoming atmosphere.



Counselors deliver classroom units to each grade level.  During freshman year the units are on study skills for MSM, understanding the MSM grading system and understanding their personality and that of others.  During sophomore year the units are on Naviance and its uses, and matching personality with careers. During junior year the units are on college choice and getting prepared for the college process.  Group lessons on aspects of college are paired with individual conferences with each junior.

Counselors work individually with seniors to facilitate the entire college process.  The topics cover writing essays, applications, campus visits, criteria for choice of colleges and looking for scholarships.  

College representatives also are able to visit with the students of any grade level during homeroom and lunch.  This enables the students to gain information about individual colleges and ask any questions they may have.  Parents are also encouraged to meet with counselors if they have questions about the process.

One-on-one counseling happens at all levels.  Counselors meet with all students individually or in small groups and students have access to the counselors at all times.  Students can also be referred by teachers, parents, or other students.

The Counselors also work with the Administration on the development and supervision of academic programs in accordance with the philosophy, mission, and values of the Sisters of Mercy.



Students should take the ACT or SAT by the fall of their senior year.  All students must take one of the tests as a graduation requirement of MSM. Please send all scores to MSM:

Our CEEB Code is 041-440

Resources and Links:


SAT CSS Profile Common Application

Naviance/Family Connection


Counseling Staff:

Amy Perkins Owens: Director of Counseling

Social, Emotional, and Academic Counselor for grades 10-12

Sister Joan Pfauser, RSM

Social, Emotional, and Academic Counselor for grade 9

Emily Coffey

College Counselor



**College admissions counselors please schedule college visits through**