Mount St. Mary Academy
Prospective Students

Steps to Enrollment


To be added to our mailing list and receive all important Admissions information, contact Annie Cross, Director of Admissions, at 501.664.8006 ext.106 or

Apply Now!

  1. Take the Placement Test at Mount St. Mary Academy – The high school placement test is a nationally standardized test and it is required for admission to Mount St. Mary Academy. Only eighth-graders are permitted to take the test. The test is given on Saturday, December 8, 2018 at 8:00 a.m. There is a $15 fee and students are asked to bring two #2 pencils. Because the placement test is mandatory for Mount St. Mary admission, students registering after December 8 will take the test by appointment. To schedule, email Annie Cross,


Download Placement Test registration form.

  2. Turn in Academic Transcripts or Report cards for 7th and 8th grade years.


  3. Complete Application for Admission – Applications will be reviewed and students will be sent their Placement Test results and a financial contract if they have been selected to continue on in the admissions process.  If we receive more applications than we have spots available in our freshman class, we will use a priority list to determine who is invited to continue with the admissions process.  Any students not immediately accepted will be placed on our waiting list.


  4. Turn in Financial Contract  and $550 enrollment fee OR submit notification that you will be applying for financial assistance at the time of acceptance to hold your spot in the class.


   5. Attend Scheduling Conference – Registration for the Class of 2023 will be held in March. Students will receive their class schedule and get all the necessary information to join the Mount family.