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Tuition / Financial Aid / Scholarships


Our Commitment

We understand that all families’ financial circumstances are unique. That’s why we’re committed to keeping our tuition affordable and offering a broad range of financial assistance opportunities in order to make a Mount St. Mary education possible for more students with a demonstrated interest.

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2018-2019 Tuition/Financial Contract


Financial Aid Timeline and FAQ

— This program is funded and administered solely by the Catholic Diocese of Little Rock and administered by a local clergyman, appointed by the Bishop.

— Eligibility – Parishes that contribute to this program

— Contact – Local parish office for questions. Central Deanery Application;  FACTS Grant & Aid Assessment application form is also required.

— This program is funded by Mount St. Mary Foundation and administered solely by Mount St. Mary Academy. This program is based solely on demonstrated financial need.

— Eligibility – Families of students with demonstrated financial need

— Contact – FACTS Grant & Aid Assessment application form is required. No other Student/Parent action is necessary.

— This program is funded and administered solely by Mount St. Mary Academy and is designed to assist families with additional assistance to defray tuition costs.

— Eligibility – Students with demonstrated financial need

— Contact – FACTS Grant & Aid Assessment application form is required. No other action is necessary.

— These awards are funded through the McAuley Achievement Award Fund, an endowed fund held by the Mount St. Mary Foundation. The criteria for consideration includes academic achievement, commitment to the total educational program at Mount St. Mary Academy, and a genuine dedication to all Mercy Values. Applicants must submit an application and be available to sit for a timed written essay in order to be considered for an award. Awards are announced in May and applied towards the following year’s tuition balance.

— Eligibility – Enrolled juniors, sophomores and freshmen students

— Contact – Application process is announced by the President’s office during the school year.

— This program is funded through designated annual gifts to Mount St. Mary Foundation and endowed scholarships funds established to honor and/or remember specific individuals. Scholarship criteria may be based upon merit and/or financial need and is specified by the donor.

— Eligibility – Student eligibility criteria is determined by donor.

— Contact – FACTS Grant & Aid Assessment application form is required for any endowed scholarship based upon financial need.

Tuition Assistance

— A limited amount of tuition assistance is available from Mount St. Mary Foundation.

— Requests for tuition assistance must be made prior to February 23, 2018, by completing a FACTS Grant & Aid Assessment application form.

— The forms may be completed online at FACTS, or through paper applications, in both English and Spanish, which are available in the MSM Finance Office.

— Eligible Catholic families seeking aid from Mount St. Mary Foundation are required to apply for additional assistance from the Central Deanery High School Tuition Aid Fund through their local parish.

— In order to be considered for the Central Deanery Fund (Application Form), families must first complete the FACTS Grant & Aid Assessment application form for Mount St. Mary Academy.



FACTS Grant & Aid Assessment

Mount St. Mary Academy makes use of FACTS Grant & Aid Assessment to help us evaluate requests for financial aid.

FACTS works with nearly 5,000 educational institutions and over a million families each year, helping them achieve their goals. They have been in business since 1986 and specialize in working with schools like ours.


Grant & Aid Assessment

— Apply online or on paper

— Call center for application assistance (Spanish speaking reps available)

— All children listed on one application

— Apply for aid at multiple schools with one application

— Process is quick and easy

— Safe, secure, compliant


How FACTS Grant & Aid Assessment Works

FACTS Grant & Aid Assessment uses key personal and financial information to evaluate your need for financial aid. By completing an application, you will provide the necessary information to help your school administrators make an informed decision about awarding tuition aid.
The first step of the process is to complete the online or paper application as accurately as possible. You will then need to submit your Federal income tax return, W-2 forms, and supporting documentation for non-taxable income.
FACTS Grant & Aid Assessment will then make a recommendation to the educational institution on how much financial assistance is needed by each family that has applied. The final decision on how much financial aid to be given to each family will rest with the educational institution.


How Assistance is Calculated

Arkansas Activities Association Tuition and Financial Aid Procedures


— If tuition is charged, it must be paid by parent, legal guardian, or other family member. If a parent, guardian, or other family member secures a loan for payment of tuition, it must remain an obligation of the parents, guardian, or other family member to repay the principal and interest in full with no exceptions. Financial aid will be allowed under the following conditions:

— Financial aid may only be awarded on the basis of need.

— Any loan program, grant program, educational foundation, scholarship, or similar program that is established and/or administered, in whole or in part, by a school or official of a school is considered financial aid.

— Schools shall remove any student from athletic eligibility whose accounts with the school are 60 days overdue.


Timeline to Apply for Aid

December 1, 2017 – February 23, 2018    Complete online admissions application.

December 1, 2017 – February 28, 2018    Complete FACTS financial assistance online application. Complete your 2016 Federal Tax Return and upload to FACTS. Your FACTS application and supporting documents must be complete in order to be considered for financial assistance.

April 21, 2018  All Catholic families must complete an application for assistance from the Central Deanery High School Tuition Aid Fund. The application should be submitted to your parish church office by April 21, 2018.

May 31, 2018 Financial assistance decisions are made by May 31. All applicants will be notified by email.



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