Mount St. Mary Academy
Faith Formation

Masses, Rosaries, All-School Liturgies




Theology and Retreats


All students participate in Theology courses each year.


All students at Mount St. Mary Academy participate in a four-year retreat program. Retreats are offered each year to promote growth in the students’ spiritual lives regarding their relationships with God, self, and each other.



Campus Ministry Program

The Campus Ministry Program is intended to build a Christ-centered community of faith at our school. Through the programs offered, it seeks to nurture the faith development and spiritual growth of the school community. It is one aspect of the total and holistic religious education program offered at Mount St. Mary Academy.


  • Prayer Groups


Mount St. Mary Academy offers several opportunities outside the classroom to share and develop faith.  All are welcome!

  1. Student-led Bible Study groups are available all year.
  2. Advent prayer groups meet during the Advent season.
  3. Lenten prayer groups meet during the Lenten season.


  • Liturgy Team and Eucharistic Ministers


The liturgy team coordinates and implements all school Masses, prayer services, and prayer groups, as well as Wednesday and Friday Masses. They also assist with Father/Daughter Masses and Mother/Daughter Rosaries that are held once a month.


Being a Eucharistic Minister at the Mount is a form of service to others in Christ. It is a call from the community of faith that recognizes the gifts of a person and asks that those gifts be used to help others. Eucharistic Ministers assist at all Masses, all-school Liturgies and class retreats. This ministry is open to senior students who are practicing Catholics, and have received the Sacrament of Confirmation.


  • Father/Daughter Masses & Mother/Daughter Rosaries


All students and parents are invited to our monthly Mother-Daughter Rosary and Father-Daughter Mass.  All are welcome! It’s a great opportunity to pray and eat lunch with your daughter. Masses and rosaries start at 11:05 in the gym. You may bring your daughter lunch. Cookies and drinks are provided.