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Why Mount?

The best way to learn about the Mount St. Mary experience is from our girls. Hear from our students and alumnae why they chose Mount St. Mary Academy!

Maggie, Class of 2016
“I like going to an all-girls school because it empowers me to branch out in my studies and helps me discover my personality. I never feel embarrassed to answer questions or to ask questions in class and I always know that no matter what’s happening in my life, my Mount sisters will always support me and be there for me. Mount is shaping me into the girl I aspire to be.”

Caroline, Class of 2016
“I like going to an all-girl school because it has a relaxed environment that makes it easy to concentrate on learning. Also there is something for everyone here. Every girl can find what she really enjoys and can make the best of friends! Also, there is not any pressure to be a certain way. We all can be who we are and just come to school the way we woke up. Mount is probably one of my favorite places, and I love it!”

Rachael Pellegrino ‘10
Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, MD candidate (c/o 2018)
Bodenhamer Fellowship, Rhodes Scholarship Finalist, Phi Beta Kappa, Truman Scholarship Finalist, SURF Grant recipient

“Mount challenged me to really think about the values that I wanted to emulate and who I wanted to become. Many of the classes lead us to discussing hard topics and we were really able to find issues that were interesting to us. The classes we took were often challenging, but there was always a huge support network though our class and also through the teachers.

I think we were also challenged to grow in our faith, no matter what that faith was, and even though we didn’t always recognize it, mercy values and service were often integrated into our courses. Through the four years of theology we were able to further explore ways to show our faith through service, prayer and our relationships.”

Dr. Kathryn McCarthy Mullooly, M.D. ’98
Orthopedic Spine Surgeon, Arkansas Specialty Orthopedics

“I work in a field where only 10% are women ― even less women in spine surgery. The foundation of what I received from Mount St. Mary has followed me through all these years and has served me well. The empowerment of Catherine McAuley has found itself deeply rooted in my life despite even the moments of greatest self-doubt. I find such pride in being a part of this legacy and hope someday to share the joy of my own daughter graduating from MSM.”

Elevating Expectations

Hear about how Mount St. Mary Academy is elevating expectations for our students and their families.

Why Mount?

Our students answer the question “Why Mount?” in this video created by Nikki Sanders ’14 as a project in the Information Technology in a Global Society class at MSM.