Science in action with field trips, speakers

MSM science classes were busy this spring with several field trips and speakers that provided practical applications of concepts learned in class.


Ms. Melandri and Ms. Johnson took their honors physical science and IB biology classes to participate in the Girls STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) Conference held April 21st at the University of Arkansas at Little Rock.


To supplement the unit on water, Ms. Johnson’s fifth period chemistry students visited Lake Degray in Arkedelphia, and the MSM students taught 4th grade students from the Hot Springs School District about water quality and water quality testing. The day at the park was part of the Every Kid in a Park campaign, a national initiative created by the White House and the Federal Land Management agencies to help engage and create the next generation of park visitors.


Learning about nuclear power and nuclear radiation, Ms. Johnson’s third period class made a trip to Nuclear One in Russellville.  The students  participated in a discussion with the training staff on


  • Energy Options (Solar, Wind, Hydro, Nuclear)
  • How ANO produces power (operation)
  • Costs of energy production
  • Career Options in Nuclear power
  • Accidents (What we have learned)


After the lecture, students visited simulators which replicated actual control rooms and also experienced what it is like to “suit up” for a contamination area.


Ms. Johnson’s fourth period class received a visit from guest speaker Dr. Leanne Jolly, a phD nurse and nutrition counselor from the Little Rock Athletic Clubs organization. To supplement the unit on food as energy, Dr. Jolly spoke to the students about the importance of nutrition and exercise.


Mr. Stotts’ anatomy class visited the Museum of Discovery, where students learned about guts, bones, skin, blood and more in the Amazing You gallery with activities that explore how their bodies function.