Mount St. Mary Academy
Clubs and Organizations

There are so many clubs and organizations for Mount girls to try at Mount St. Mary Academy. Interested in the stock market? Manage a real-life investment portfolio with Investment Club. Skilled at debate? Gain real-world experience in the courtroom with Mock Trial.You can travel to historic sites in Europe with the MSM Language Clubs, create a compost system with Green Club, or submit a video in Multimedia about the needs of women and girls in post-war South Sudan.


Some clubs and organizations are open to all grades, and some are open to specific grades. Some require an application to be accepted, and for some, you just show up to the first meeting. Activity period at Mount St. Mary gives every student a regularly scheduled time to do homework, meet with teachers or offer a time for students to attend club meetings, so we strongly encourage you get involved with at least one club at Mount St. Mary Academy.



Open to grades:  10-12

Sponsor:  Ms. Jones and Sr. Joan

Dues: None


What do we do? Alive In Mercy is for students who believe strongly in the MERCY message and want to live their lives accordingly.  They attend Mass together once a month and eat lunch together.  There is a small program – but relaxed.  AIM usually involves a retreat, often with AIM students at other Mercy high schools.


How to join:  To join, just either come to a meeting with an AIM member or see Mrs. Alice Jones, the librarian, for information.

Open to grades:  9-12

Sponsor:  Ms. Nolley

Dues: Usually between $25-30; vary from year to year.


What do we do? Art Club meets about once a month to prep for Arkansas Young Artist Association’s Annual Art Competition.  Throughout the year you will practice art skills and prepare work for the show.


How to join:  Listen for a Belle TV announcement at the beginning of the year.  Members are chosen based on enrollment in art classes and grade level.

Open to Grades:  10-12 with a 2.0 GPA
Sponsor:  Ms. Madey

Dues: None, unless members want to buy a t-shirt


What do we do?   The Belle Raisers help promote spirit by putting locker signs on the lockers for all students’ birthdays, and for members of the various athletic teams.  They also make banners for special events.


How to join:  Each student must fill out an application and submit a sample of a locker sign.

Applications are submitted in the spring and the girls are notified before the end of the year.

Open to grades: 9-12
Sponsor:  Mrs. Gazette

Dues:  none


What do we do?  Book Club members share a love for reading and the power of words.  We gather periodically to discuss our reading adventures and generate positive changes in our lives.


How to join:  Attend the first meeting in September – check the weekly bulletin for a specific date.

Open to grades: 9-12

Sponsor: Dr. Hendrickson

Dues: $5.00


What do we do? Fun experiments and possible community outreach with various schools


How to join: Come to the first meeting in the fall

Open to grades: 9-12

Sponsor:  Mrs. Jones, Mrs. Mader, Ms James

Dues: $10.00


What do we do? Diversity Club addresses and discusses racism and sexism. We meet new people and celebrate each other’s culture by crossing barriers, examining stereotypes, and listening with open minds.


How to join: Come to meetings and PARTICIPATE – check the weekly bulletin for the specific dates.

Open to grades:  12 (membership limited to 10 students)
Sponsor:  Mrs. Rindahl

Dues:  none


What do we do?  Fire Marshalls assist the Crisis Management Team members outside the building during emergency drills, such as fire drills, and also serve as crossing guards for events at Holy Souls.


How to join:  A sign-up sheet is placed outside the Attendance Office at the start of the school year.

Open to grades: 9-12

Sponsor:  Mr. Brady

Dues:  None


What do we do?  Green Club is a club that promotes environmental awareness.  We organize and maintain recycling systems on campus as needed. We volunteer for the Adopt-A-Street Program. We have fun, and WE MAKE A DIFFERENCE!


How to join: Come to meetings and street clean-up – check weekly bulletin

Open to grades:  9-12

Sponsor:  Mr. Britt

Dues: none


What do we do?  Interact is the youth affiliate of the Rotary Club and service is Interact’s primary

function.  Our meetings consist of various service projects that we share with people in the local

community.  The Rotary Club sponsors leadership training in the spring.


How to join:  Come to our first meeting in the fall – check the weekly bulletin for the specific meeting date.

Open to grades:  9-12
Sponsors:  Mrs. Brandon and Investment Professionals and Coaches

Dues:  $10.00


What do we do?  Learn basic financial and the fundamentals of investing, including general financial literacy and an awareness of socially responsible business.


With assistance from Mount St. Mary Foundation and a private donor the student organization has been allowed to manage a real-life investment portfolio of $160,000. The Club’s original investment portfolio targeted an asset mix of 20% bonds and 80% stocks, with the stock portfolio consisting of approximately 30 stocks chosen from the Standard & Poor’s 500 Index.


The club’s focus is on long-term performance of the portfolio, and each club meeting offers a learning experience for the club members.


How to join:  Attend the first meeting.

Open to grades: 9-12

Sponsor: Beth Pursley

Dues: none

The Mock Trial competition is sponsored by the Arkansas Bar Association and gives high school student teams the opportunity to act as lawyers and witnesses in simulated criminal and civil trials before actual judges and panels of juries. Volunteer attorneys assist students as team advisers, scorekeepers and regional coordinators.  MSM and Catholic High combine to form two teams that compete in the regional competition.

Open to grades: 9-12
Sponsors:  Ms. Jones and Ms. McLemore
Dues:  None


What do we do? Discuss the political climate in America, including many open discussions about current events and a range of political issues. Students of all political persuasion can exchange their opinions and talk about the issues, as they work together to become more informed about important political topics.


How to join: Go to the first meeting in the fall – check the weekly bulletin for the specific meeting date.

Sponsor: Mrs. Gammill

Dues: None.
Note: those elected to the committee will not be charged a Prom Ticket fee. This committee is time-consuming with a strict attendance policy.
Sign Up: Applications are announced in December through Belle TV. All applications are made available through Mrs. Gammill and must be returned upon completion in order to be considered for committee selection.

Open to grades:  9-12
Sponsor: Mrs. Barrett

Dues: None


What do we do?  SADD (Students Against Destructive Decisions) is a national organization dedicated to saving lives by encouraging young people to make healthy decisions.


How to Join: Sign up at the first informational meeting in the fall – check the weekly bulletin for the specific date.

ORGANIZATIONS: Students may try out for or qualify for the following organizations.

Open to grades:  10-12

Sponsor:  Mrs. Cross

Dues:  none


What do we do?  Mountie Messengers serve as representatives of the Mount for prospective students and families as well as the community.  Mountie Messengers help the Director of Admissions with various activities and events, some of which include:  serving as hostesses on shadow days, visiting partner schools to talk about experiences, giving tours at Open House, planning and running the Lock-In for Prospective Freshmen, and welcoming the incoming freshmen class.


How to join:  Interested students must fill out an application in the spring to apply – an announcement will be made once new applications are available.

Open to grades:  9-12

Sponsor:  Ms. J Stevens

Dues:  None


What do we do?  The Mount puts out an issue approximately six times a year—some are printed, some are online.  It includes articles and features on school activities, current events, sports, and other topics of interest to the school community.  These articles are illustrated with photographs and original artwork.  The newspaper also sells advertising space, and students may create the ads.


How to join:  The Mount staff consists of writers, editors, photographers, and artists.  Students join the newspaper staff by application.  Sophomores, juniors, and seniors apply in the spring; freshmen can apply in the fall.  Applicants must submit samples of their writing, photography, and/or artwork with their applications.  Announcements will be made when applications are available.

Open to grades: 10-12

Sponsor: Deborah Baldwin & Ms. Madey

Dues: None


What do we do? OM is an international creative problem-solving organization that competes every spring at the regional, national, and world levels. As a member of the MSM team, you must be a creative and resourceful verbal and hands-on problem solver. You will get the opportunity to be an actress, artist, writer, and set builder in our long-term problem performances.


How to join: Look for try-out announcements from Ms. Madey starting in mid-April. Teams are limited to no more than 7 members, so places are limited each year.


Members must commit to every Sunday afternoon, two work weekends in December and January, regional competition first Saturday in March, state competition first Saturday in April, and if we succeed, World competition at the end of May (usually during finals).

Open to grades: 10-12

Sponsors: Mr. Carden

Dues: None


What do we do?  Quiz Bowl is a Arkansas Activities Association sanctioned activity in Arkansas. Our team meets once a week during Activity to practice games and study for competitions. We play teams from other schools around the state on at least four Saturdays during the school year.


How to Join: Each May Quiz Bowl accepts applications for the next year’s team. Applicants are judged on their academics, their willingness/ability to be “bold with the buzzer” and not be afraid to speak up during competition.  Students need to be able to give us the time and effort required.

Open to grades:  10-12

Sponsor:  Mrs. Moore

Dues:  None


What do we do?  The Mercian staff members are responsible for creating the Mount St. Mary Academy yearbook. The Mercian has been selected for many consecutive years as a Jostens National Yearbook Program of Excellence. MSM students also compete in the Arkansas Scholastic Press Association Convention in April, where they have received awards for their photography and page layout.


How to join:  In the spring, interested students must fill out an application, two teacher recommendations, and write a paragraph. Students in Quiz Bowl, Student Government, Women’s Chorus and Newspaper cannot join due to activity schedules.