Mount St. Mary Academy
Leadership and Academic

Leadership and Academic Activities require either an academic grade point or course enrollment or are elected by teachers or class members at Mount St. Mary Academy. Registration for classes begins in the spring of the prior school year. Students must register for all classes marked with an asterisk.







Open to grades:  10-12, with a cumulative GPA of 3.5

Sponsor:  Mrs. Chudy

Dues:   $20 first year, $10 each year after


What do we do? Beta Club is a national academic and service club.  Our large service project is Valentine’s for Arkansas Children’s Hospital.  We do other various small service projects throughout the year such as collecting candy for soldiers.


How to join:  Interested students must fill out an application in the spring to apply.



Open to grades: 10 – 12

Prerequisite:  BY AUDITION;  A 2.0 GPA in accordance with AAA regulations and at least one year in Harmony Belles


See more about Concert Belles in The Arts or in the MSM Curriculum Guide



Open to grades:

Sponsor:  Ms. Jenny Moses



The MSM Forensic team practices the art of public speaking. They participate in tournaments with the Arkansas Communications and Theatre Arts Association and the National Speech and Debate Association (formerly known as the National Forensics League.)  Activities include?



Open to grades:  9-12 and those interested in French (but, officers must be enrolled in a French class).

Sponsor:  Mrs. Gammill

Dues:  $3.00


What do we do?  We support the study of French at the Mount.


How to Join: Come to the first meeting to receive FACTs Membership Form. In order to be
considered a member, a student must attend a minimum of 2 French Club Meetings.



Open to grades: 9 – 12

Prerequisite:  A 2.0 GPA in accordance with AAA regulations


See more about Harmony Belles in The Arts or in the MSM Curriculum Guide.



Open to grades: 9-12

Sponsor: Sgt. Jernigan (Catholic High)

Dues: none


Leadership Education, more commonly referred to as Marine Corps Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps (MCJROTC), is designed to instill in high school students the values of citizenship, service to the United States, personal responsibility and a sense of ethics and honor. In addition, students are acquainted with basic military subjects and Marine Corps traditions, customs, and courtesies.  Enrollment does not obligate a student to military service.

The MCJROTC program produces successful students and productive adults while fostering a constructive and disciplined learning environment. Additionally the program makes substantial contributions to many community service projects and not-for-profit organizations.  The class meets for physical fitness on Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings from 6:30 to 7:30 a.m. at Catholic High.  The academics of Leadership Education* are conducted on Tuesday and Thursday mornings from 7:00 to 7:55 at Mount St. Mary Academy and requires course enrollment.

How to join:



Open to grades:  9-12

Sponsor:  Mrs. Stover

Dues:  National dues covered by Latin Club


What do we do?  Students participate in Latin-related activities such as the Halloween Mythological Pumpkin Decorating Contest, the language banquet, the Ancient Roman banquet, the AFLTA State Language Competition, language week activities, mousetrap catapult building, chariot washes, and more.

How to join:  Students in grades 9-12 who are currently enrolled in Latin are invited to join and dues are free.  Students who are not taking Latin at MSM may still join the club but must pay dues.

MODEL UN (United Nations)


Open to grades: 11-12

Sponsor: Ms. McLemore

Dues: none (students pay around $50 for hotel and meals on the weekend of the conference, and financial assistance is available).


What do we do?  Model U.N. meets every Monday after school from early September until the last Monday of school before the Thanksgiving break. The meetings last from 3:25 until 3:50. Students are assigned to represent a country and do substantial research so that they can represent that country at the conference. The conference takes place at the UCA campus in Conway over the weekend just before Thanksgiving.


How to join:  An announcement is made to juniors in the first week of the new school year that applications are being taken. Seniors who are “veterans” automatically get to return. Seniors who didn’t go as juniors and are in the International Relations class may apply. Students must have a strong academic background, have the necessary time to attend meetings and do research, and be extroverted enough to stand before 400-500 high school and college students to argue and debate.




Open to grades: 9-12

Sponsor:  Mrs. McMahon

Dues: $15 (one-time payment)


What do we do? Mu Alpha Theta is an international high school and junior college mathematics society.  Members help host the Mu Alpha Theta math competition and offer math tutoring for fellow students. How to Join:  Students must have completed Honors Algebra II/Trig, or Pre-calculus or Honors Pre-calculus AND be enrolled in an AP math class available to them (AP Statistics, AP Calculus AB, or AB Calculus BC) and maintain at least a 3.5 GPA in that math class and a 3.2 overall grade point based on semester grades and receive a nomination by a Math teacher.


Open to grades:10 – 12


Multimedia at Mount St. Mary Academy focuses on the practice of news production and video editing. Emphasis is placed on planning, writing, camera operation, production and post production. Students produce, direct and deliver daily news program called Belle TV.


See our student broadcast, Belle TV, created in the multimedia class at Mount St. Mary Academy.



Open to grades:  12th grade only
Sponsor:  Mrs. Dee Dee Sprick

Dues:  $20


What do we do?  NHS members are recognized leaders of the school with exceptional character who provide service to the school and/or community.  Each member is required to offer a minimum of 12 hours of tutoring per year to current MSM students and 3 hours of service to our school or local community.


How to join: Students with a grade point in excess of 3.75 are considered to be academically qualified for membership and invited to join Mount St. Mary’s Fidelis Chapter of National Honor Society.



Open to Grades:  9-12

Sponsor:  Mrs. Pineda

Dues:  $3.00


What do we do?  Explore Spanish culture, promote the language, and have fun with new activities and experiences.  The activities at each meeting are a fun way to experience Spanish culture right here at home and include Mexican-themed arts and crafts, Latin dance lessons, and Spanish films!


How to join:  Go to the first meeting in the fall – check the weekly bulletin for the specific meeting date.



Open to grades:  9-12
Sponsor:  Ms. Noel Gieringer

Dues:  Students do not pay dues to run or hold office; however, many do incur additional expenses due to this position. Supplies needed for posters and campaign materials are necessary at the time students run for office.  T-shirt purchases and other contributions for school events are always optional.


What do we do? As the elected representatives of the student body, student council members help coordinate and promote school events while also overseeing the execution of class projects to assist in furthering the missions of MSM.


How to join:  Election by fellow students (9th grade elections are in the fall, 10-12 elections in the spring).