Mount St. Mary Academy



Students may opt to participate in a number of scheduled annual trips.

Close Up

Open to grades: 9-12
Sponsor:  Mr. Britt

Dues: $1700

What do we do?  Close Up takes students to Washington D.C. to give them an up-close look at government in action. Touring monuments, meeting key political figures, hearing from panels, and interacting with other students from around the country, Close Up shows students first-hand what they’ve learned in class and gives them the opportunity to fully experience the nation’s capitol and consider their roles in our political system today and in the future.

How to join: Sign up with Mr. Britt at the beginning of the year.




Mercy Immersion Trip Abroad

Open to Grades: 9-12

Sponsor: Mrs. Melandri, Ms. Jeffries, Mrs. Stover

Trip Cost: Approximately $4,000

What we do:

This trip is open to any student who is interested in exploring the countries, languages and cultures of our International Language Department. For two weeks in June, students will have the opportunity to travel to Spain, France and Italy. Students will see all major sites, as well as immerse themselves in the language and culture through various activities – whether it’s taking a bike ride along the Mediterranean in Barcelona, learning about perfume making in France, or tracing all roots back to the ancient Romans. This is the perfect trip for both first-time and seasoned travelers.

How to Join: Sign up through any MSM language teacher.

Enrollments for the upcoming summer are taken from August – February.