Mount St. Mary Academy
Endowment Gifts

The Lasting Efforts Endowments occupy an important place in Mount St. Mary’s current and future financial security. These endowments provide dependable revenue from year to year and make MSM less likely to raise tuition annually.


Our Endowment Funds address  key areas of need for Mount St. Mary Academy



-Faculty compensation



-Leadership development

-General Needs



Donors may contribute to any of the key endowments or named scholarships as well as MSM’s Tuition Assistance Fund. Donors also have the opportunity to establish a named scholarship, either need-based or merit-based, as a living tribute or in memory of a loved one.


How is a named endowment established?

To establish a named endowment or scholarship fund, the donor or family must make a commitment of at least $25,000. This may be paid at the time the fund is established or over a multi-year period of up to five years.



Thank You to our many loyal supporters who have established the following endowments to support our students.



Tuition Assistance Scholarship Funds:

Bernadette Balest Ardemagni ’64 Scholarship Fund • Norma Bacon Fund • Agnes Marie Birdsong Scholarships • The Bornhoft Scholarship Fund • The Class of 2007 Scholarship • The John L. and Jane K. Corley Endowment • Sr. Francis Coutlee ‘21 Scholarship • The Olivia DiGregorio Scholarship Fund • Juanita Baer Enderlin Scholarship Fund • Dorothy Hanson Flanagan ’39 Scholarship Fund • Catherine West Frederick ’33 Scholarship • Missy Griffy Scholarship Fund • Harding Family Fund • Lake and Ann Harvell Scholarship • Clelia Hawn Scholarship • Keith Family Scholarship Endowment • Lucille Metrailer Kelly ’39 Scholarship Fund • Sister Norma Lipsmeyer Scholarship Fund • Robert D. and Barbara Nabholz Charitable Trust • The Rose Marie Nabholz Scholarship • Msgr. John O’Donnell Scholarship Fund • Barbara H. Oglesby Memorial Scholarship • The Dolores Hooks Sanderson Scholarship • Schulte Family Endowed Scholarship Fund • Andrea Maier Smith Memorial Scholarship • The LuAnn Tharp Scholarship Fund



Merit Scholarships/Award Funds:

Bailey Teaching Award

Flora Bittner Croft Endowment for students attending Catholic colleges or universities

The Class of 2009 SISTER Scholarship

Mary Drake Scholarship Fund

Dorothy Hanson Flanagan ’39 Scholarship

Sandra Gueydan Hickey ’66 Merit Scholarship

The Melissa Ma ’98 Endowed Scholarship

The McAuley Achievement Awards Scholarship Fund

Annalissa “Magdalena” McClendon Travel Grant

Mercy & Me Endowed Scholarship

Lisa Guerra Rapp ’94 HOBY Scholarship

Spirit of ’95 Scholarship

Evelyn J. Coulter Thomas ’30 Scholarship Fund

Sr. Deborah Troillett, RSM ’73 Endowed Scholarship

The Wells Pre-Engineering Scholarship

Alana Wolfe Memorial Scholarship

Judith Wrappe Scholarship

The Bella Brown THINK scholarship



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“No matter how small the gift, God gives the increase.”

– Catherine McAuley