Mount St. Mary Academy
Planned Giving

Our Past Ensures Our Future


Planned gifts ensure that Mount St. Mary Academy will have the funds necessary to continue her mission and ministry far into the future. In 2001, Mount St. Mary Academy established the 1851 Society to recognize and thank those who have included Mount St. Mary in some way in their estate planning—through wills/bequests, charitable trusts, gifts of life insurance, retirement plans, or other planned giving vehicles. The name of the society commemorates the year that Mount St. Mary was founded by the Religious Sisters of Mercy from Ireland.


Please contact Mary Catherine Burney, Director of Advancement, at 501-476-3366 if you would like more information about becoming an 1851 Society member.




We gratefully acknowledge members of the 1851 Society below:


Anonymous (2)
Cecilia Ballard*
Bobbi & Bobby Barrett
Ann Limberg Bartrem ’73
Agnes Marie Birdsong*
Tricia Brown ’75
Patricia Page Bruich ’48*
Pearl Smith Bujarski*
Becky Carroll ’72 & Linda Spink
Patricia Johnson Clark ’53*
Flora Bittner Croft*
Dorothy Guidos Endres ’42*
Bernadine Lipsmeyer Evans ’39*
Karen & Dennis Ferra
Karen Goodhart Flake ’65
Bobbie Forster ’29*
John Gazzola*
Andrea Williams Gonzales ’92
Melissa Dishongh ’75 & Tim Griffy
Dawn Guerra
Eleanor Guilford ’38*
J. Fred Hart*
Margaret Rose Hogan ’50*
Ruthie Huncke ’66 & Alan Holland
Fr. John Janesko*
Mary Lou Womack Jaworski ’54*
Pauline & Larry Jegley
Charlene & James Kaminski
Mary Rumbach Karlan ’28*
Sr. Judith Keith, RSM ’51
Sr. M. Werner Keith, RSM ’44*
Mary Ann Keith ’41*
Mel Kemp*
Norma Bacon Kennedy ’27*
Carol Lipsmeyer ’62*
Mary Logan
Lily & John Manning*
Joy Lowe Matlock ’92
Sr. Amata McGee, RSM*
Bobbie Cupples ’62 & Ron McKenzie
Charlotte Miller*
Grace & Leo Nonnenkamp*
Ginger & Brian Quinn
Betty* & Terry Renaud
Dolores Hooks ’48* & Sydney Sanderson
Dorothy Fiori Sbanotto ’39*
Dorothy Severson Schofield ’35*
Henry Senac*
Valora Bornhoft Smith*
Mary Catherine Springstead ’63*
Evelyn Josephine Coulter Thomas ’30*
Martha Vroeman ’34*
Annette Wahlgreen ’48
Lynnette & Michael Watts
Peggy Wells ’72
Diane & Keith Wolfe
Mary Anne Woods ’62*
Sherry Wilkins Wortsmith ’63*
Mary Zarnoski*
Helen Zylko*


* deceased