2020-2021 MSM student council elected

After delays due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Mount St. Mary Academy finally held officer elections on Thursday, September 24, and Friday, September 25. Congratulations to the newly elected student council members for 2020-2021:


Student Body President: Sarah Cate Lay


Senior Class President: Vivian Pierce

Senior Class Vice President: Ella Brewer

Senior Class Officers: Fran Edwards, Chloe Gourde and Cabe Parrish


Junior Class President: Ellen Brady

Junior Class Vice President: Lucy Nimmo

Junior Class Officers: Mimi Baldwin, Zelenka Harts and Savanna Hindman


Sophomore Class President: Anna Mammarelli

Sophomore Class Vice President: Grey Parrish

Sophomore Class Officers: AnnaRose Boone, Olivia Bulloch and Eliza Spellins


Freshman Class President: Abby Whittaker

Freshman Class Vice President: Haven McCormack

Freshman Class Officers: Ashley Adams, Savannah Bosley and Eliza Jane Null


“It takes a lot of courage to run for student council. This year, speeches were recorded and emailed out, and I’m so proud of the 39 girls who ran,” Noël Gieringer, MSM English teacher and student council sponsor, said. “Our student council events will be very different this year, but I’m hopeful that these student leaders can still bring school spirit and service to this unique school year.”

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