Mount St. Mary Academy
College Preparation

“Must be a Mount Girl!”

Mount Girls are known for being bright, inquisitive, team-oriented and service-driven. They can be seen voicing their opinions on college campuses, starting their own businesses or collecting cans at local food pantries. A Mount Girl is more than smart and accomplished; she is grounded in mercy values and guided by her faith. She loves learning and extends that passion to everything she does. She also recognizes her own intrinsic dignity and worth and respects that of others.


At Mount St. Mary, each student is challenged, and remarkable things happen once she decides to accept that challenge. Increased academic performance, self-confidence, and leadership traits emerge in the four years leading up to graduation.  With a foundational base of knowledge, experience, and spirituality, our students are well equipped, empowered, and prepared for whatever the future holds. Must be Mount Girls!