Mount St. Mary Academy
All-Girl Advantage

Empowered by the All-Girl Advantage

Not only is Mount St. Mary Academy the oldest educational institution in Arkansas.  It is also the only all-girls school in the state.


National studies* confirm what Mount St. Mary Academy has known for years — that compared with their co-ed counterparts, students who attend an all-girls school:


  • Enjoy higher academic performance
  • Possess more self-confidence and self-esteem
  • Acquire more leadership skills
  • Are more encouraged in areas like math and science
  • Are better prepared for college courses
  • Attend graduate and postgraduate school in greater numbers
  • Participate more fully in the classroom and in the community


*International Coalition of Girls’ Schools; National Foundation for Educational Research; American Association of University Women.


Most of all, Mount St. Mary students tell us how amazing it is to be in an environment where all class leaders, scholars, speakers, writers, singers, artists and athletes are girls.  Talk about Girl Power!  When girls see other girls leading and achieving, they know they can do the same.  And with the focus on academics, not appearances, our students feel more comfortable just being themselves — free to discover their talents, develop their skills and find their passions.


When every girl’s unique differences are welcomed and celebrated, a special bond is forged that can only be described as a ‘sisterhood’.  Our graduates will tell you that not only did they work hard and grow spiritually during their time at Mount St. Mary, but they had A LOT of fun!  With pep rallies, class retreats, all-school Masses, dress-up days, and other special events and activities throughout the year, there’s always something happening at the Mount to strengthen friendships and carry on favorite class traditions.