Mount St. Mary Academy
Living Mercy

As a member of Mercy Education, Mount St. Mary Academy proudly embraces the following set of Mercy-inspired values that permeate campus life in practical, purposeful and recognizable ways and serve as the benchmark for the unique experience the school provides.


Our Core Values are the hallmarks of a Mercy Education. These are the ideals we stand up for and strive to live up to. We hold ourselves to these standards as an institution, as a community and as individuals. Each value is interconnected and necessary as we take Mercy into the world. Click here to read more about each value.


  • Compelled By Mercy
  • Educational Courage
  • Inspired By Faith
  • Principled Leadership
  • A Voice For Dignity and Respect


Inspired by Catherine McAuley and her commitment to social justice, Mount St. Mary has also embraced the following five Critical Concerns of the Sisters of Mercy:


  • Earth
  • Immigration
  • Nonviolence
  • Racism
  • Women


Click here to learn more about the Sisters of Mercy’s Critical Concerns and the important work they do.