Mount St. Mary Academy
Living Mercy

At Mount St. Mary, the following Mercy values permeate campus life in practical, purposeful, and recognizable ways – particularly through faith formation efforts, campus ministry, and service – and serve as the benchmark for the unique experience the school provides:


  • recognition of the intrinsic worth and dignity of each person;
  • excellence and quality;
  • hospitality;
  • the courage to innovate and the freedom to make mistakes;
  • compassion, mercy, and justice;
  • service to the poor, sick, and uneducated;
  • response to need;
  • the worth and need of a sound education in the total effort of leading students to the truth; and
  • respect for varied religious traditions and beliefs.


Inspired by Catherine McAuley and her commitment to social justice, Mount St. Mary has also embraced the following five Critical Concerns of the Sisters of Mercy:


  • protecting the earth;
  • opposing racism;
  • promoting nonviolence;
  • working for the equality of women; and
  • ensuring the dignity of immigrants.