Forensics Team Earns Finalist, Semi-Finalist Recognition at State Championship

Fourteen members of the Forensics Breaking Belles represented Mount St. Mary Academy very well at this year’s Arkansas Forensics & Debate State Championship held April 5-6 at North Little Rock High School. Team members placed among the top in a handful of their events, and the group earned semi-finalist recognition in several others.


Organized by the Arkansas Communication and Theatre Arts Association, the state championship represents the culmination of the forensics and debate season where hundreds of competitors enter weekend tournaments to compete in the art of oral presentation. Described by some as “competitive acting,” forensics competitions, in particular, include events such as storytelling, poetry, informative speaking or humorous interpretation and improvisation.


Top Qualifiers at the 2019 Arkansas Forensics & Debate State Championship:



– Karina Singh ’19 and Victoria Volpi ’20, 4th place in duet improv

– Anna Palmer ’20, 4th place in informative speaking

– Anna Farmer ’19 and Karina Singh, 6th place in duo interpretation

– Anna Farmer, 6th place in prose



– Alexandra Powell ’22, in humorous

– Lily Eagan ’20 and Anna Farmer, in duet improv

– Rachel Klinck ’22, Sophia Lehman ’22, Bri Moseley ’19 and Karina Singh, in prose


Other students who qualified to compete in events at the state championship include: America Alejandri ’20, Avery Appleton ’20, Mia Aquino ’22, Malingo Matute ’22 and Amalie Shollmier ’19.


We congratulate our Forensics Team on a very successful season!


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