Mount St. Mary Elects 2019-2020 Student Council

Mount St. Mary Academy held officer elections on Thursday, April 18, and Tuesday, April 23.


Congratulations to the newly elected student council members for 2019-2020:


Sarah Johnson, Student Body President


Lily Wewers, Senior Class President

Cecelia Rech, Senior Class Vice President

Anne-Marie Elser, Senior Class Officer

Sophie Mammarelli, Senior Class Officer

Emma Tlapek, Senior Class Officer


Sarah Cate Lay, Junior Class President

Fran Edwards, Junior Class Vice President

Ella Brewer, Junior Class Officer

Cabe Parrish, Junior Class Officer

Vivian Pierce, Junior Class Officer


Lucy Nimmo, Sophomore Class President

Savanna Hindman, Sophomore Class Vice President

Mimi Baldwin, Sophomore Class Officer

Brooklyn Holcomb, Sophomore Class Officer

Annie Wendel, Sophomore Class Officer


“I’m so proud of every girl who ran for student council; it can certainly be intimidating to stand up before your peers and deliver a speech,” Noël Gieringer, MSM English teacher and student council sponsor, remarked. “I look forward to working with this wonderful group of girls that the student body elected. I know they will be hard-working, creative, and dedicated to all our student council events for next year.”


Next year’s student body president echoed Ms. Gieringer’s excitement. “I am so grateful to have been given such an incredible opportunity, and being able to lead such an astounding group of young women is going to be so fun,” Sarah Johnson exclaimed. “The new student council girls are all so driven and care so deeply about their class and school, so I believe that we will accomplish great things next year.”


As the elected representatives of the student body, student council members help coordinate and promote school events while also overseeing the execution of class projects to assist in furthering the mission of Mount St. Mary. Officers for the freshman class will be elected later this fall.


Mount St. Mary Academy, sponsored by the Sisters of Mercy, develops young women with a moral and intellectual foundation rooted in Catholic tradition. Mercy-minded and college-prepared, our students meet the future with wisdom, compassion and integrity.