Mount welcomes Class of 2023

At the Welcome Mass on Tuesday, August 27, the Mount community joined together in the McAuley Center to officially welcome the Class of 2023 into its sisterhood and circle of Mercy.


Comprised of 111 students from over 20 different schools, the newest class began its journey as Mount sisters in a very symbolic way by entering the gymnasium through an honor guard made up of the Campus Ministry Team, Ministers of the Eucharist and the Student Council. The special procession marked the official beginning of the students’ four years at Mount St. Mary; the next and only other time the class will walk through an honor guard together will be when they exit the Closing Prayer Service as seniors.


During Mass, the Class of 2023 also took part in the first of four important traditions experienced by all students at Mount St. Mary: the presentation of the Mercy Cards, which feature the school’s shared Mercy Values.


MSM Interim Principal Sara Jones addressed the class before each new student’s name was called to receive her card, reminding them that their Mercy Card was not something to receive lightly or hide in a wallet. “It is a commitment. It is important,” Mrs. Jones said. “This card holds our value system in place for all the world to see. These values will help you grow as an individual and a member of our community. These values will help you live a grace-filled life.”


The special all-school Mass ended with Student Body President Sarah Johnson ’20 announcing this year’s button theme: We are One. “The journey begins now, as a school, as a class, and as individuals,” she said. “We are all the heart of this school. We are all unique, but we are one together, and our purpose will be remembered for years to come. God’s spirit and love is within all of us – we are one each and every day. We are more powerful united than divided.”


 Mount St. Mary Academy is proud to welcome the Class of 2023!

Mount St. Mary Academy, sponsored by the Sisters of Mercy, develops young women with a moral and intellectual foundation rooted in Catholic tradition. Mercy-minded and college-prepared, our students meet the future with wisdom, compassion and integrity.